This website is Dedicated to my father Gustave Tashie and his cousin Johnny Tashie. Both are gone, but not forgotten…. Their children live. An thru us runs the thread that binds us together…Join the Fun….Upload pictures…..Join the Birthday and Anniversary announcments..Find out about your cousins..Wherever they Be!

A Tale of Two Tashies

This site has been created to fill the need to make our Tashie families familiar with each other. Hey, Its the 21st Century. The Two Tashies mentioned above refer to Constandinos Tashie and Lazarus Tashie. Two chaps from deep in the middle of the Greek Balkan peninsula back in the mid 1850's. At that time Greece was a land expanding and contracting borders then, according to the whim of rulers and authorities. First it was Albania, then it was Yoguslavia, The sons of Constantindos are Pete Nick and Tom..Sons of Lazarus are Anastase ( who brought us Gustave, Stephanie and Dorthy) and Demitrios (who brought us Johnny, George and Irene).When these two Tashies came on the scene, Greece was ruled by Turks .Yes, thats right. Anastase came to America in 1899. He was the FIRST Tashie to come to America.

Welcome Tashie, Tashie Associates and Friends and Family

This website is young. On the left you wil find Tashie movies. These are from the early 1950's. A good time for all Tashie. Most were in Philadelphia. At this time, a wonderful city. As time goes on, I will add what movies I can find. I will also ask everybody to contribute. Same goes for the photos. Though my collection is extensive, its not current. ALL Tashies to come forth with the fruits of technology and bring me Pictures.

Whats NEXT

Our families have grown. All over this beautiful country we call America. Florida, New York, Pennslyvania, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and more. There is a thread that runs thru each an everyone of us that needs to be taken care of. Our fathers and forefathers would expect us to be the caring and observant people they were. Its Easy . Constandinos brought us Pete, Nick and Tom Tashie.... Constandinos has three sons...Pete, Nick and Tom. They came to America about 1920...or thereabouts..... Nick had Helen ...Tom (had Constandios and John (Johns dead)). Pete had none.. Lazarus has two boys. Anastase and Demitrios. Anastase had Dorothy, Stephanie and Gus (all dead). Demetrious had Johnny (dead) and George. George had Eve Joe and Jim. John had Ellen, Carol, Jimmy and George.......Get the idea. The entire diagram will be online soon..

Looking Ahead

Keep checking. I will be adding ways for everybody to add photos, upload intereting tidbits and so forth. Check the choics on the left column for uploading photos and info. Everybodies addresses will be required, as well as a complete run down of children, grandchildren and all that kinda stuff. Love ya John Tashie